The RUN Programme

RUN is BIMA’s global diversity programme – focused on empowering women and changing gender biases around the world.

At BIMA we believe that changing the world through our business activities of insurance and mHealth services is not enough. We need to change the way we work, to ensure all people are represented, starting with women.

We decided to call it RUN. RUN because we want women to RUN, not walk. RUN, because we want women to RUN projects, not sit in the back, but instead take leadership and ownership.

So what is RUN doing?

  • Female mentorship programme for high potential women from our markets
  • Annual Leadership Summit for these high potential women
  • Local mentoring programmes and other diversity initiatives run by our high potential women in-market

In 2016 we started RUN as a global female leadership and mentoring programme. A number of high potential women (RUN Ambassadors) across our footprint are selected to take part each year.

Danielle Mentoring

Mentor Icon

Women are mentored by someone in our global management team, to support their professional and personal development. They also take part in our Annual Leadership Summit, receiving training in business, gender bias and communication skills.

Since 2016, we have expanded the scope to touch as many women as possible in our markets. The RUN Ambassadors, alongside local HR and management teams, are tasked with devising local initiatives to drive the gender agenda deep into the business.

What is our goal?

To be the drivers of change in the way women are able to contribute and participate in the workplace. To do this we need to encourage and nurture female talent and create a gender-friendly environment for women to thrive.

We want to instil confidence in women and give them the tools they need to climb up the ladder. We also believe in educating men on their conscious or unconscious gender biases so that we can work better as a team.

Mathilda Strom, Deputy CEO and founder of RUN

“A lack of top quality talent is one of the key reasons why companies struggle to grow. It’s difficult to justify not doing everything we can to get the most from the talent available to us. Through RUN we want to create a movement to change a generation”

Yiling Cheah, Founding member of RUN

“For women to work comfortably, we need to remove as much gender bias in the workplace as possible. BIMA is making the right steps to becoming an attractive, supportive employer for BOTH men and women”

Annual Leadership Summit

The Annual Women’s Leadership Summit in London, a culmination of the RUN programme, gives RUN Ambassadors from all our markets the valuable opportunity to come together to further develop their managerial and leadership skills. The impact of our RUN programme extends beyond its global framework.



RUN Ambassadors take their learnings to their home market to initiate Local Women’s Mentoring and Training Programmes to help upskill local female colleagues. It is our belief that with RUN we can achieve a real and lasting change for others too.

Highlights of Local RUN Initiatives

Nudrat Hussain Circle

Our RUN Ambassador from Pakistan, Nudrat Hussain, Training Specialist, has been the driving force behind several projects:

  • Local Mentorship programme for 10 female managers
  • Women’s training programme held monthly on topics such as confidence building, effective communication, work life balance, reporting skills, and women’s health
  • Establishing multiple communication channels for women, including WhatsApp women’s forum, HR Helpdesk, meeting with the country manager
  • Reviewing local HR policies

In Ghana, Marian Kusi, Health Project Manager, has kicked off the following activities: 

  • Local Mentorship programme for 5 women
  • Monthly women’s training programme for 25 female colleagues addressing topics including time management, women’s health and financial management

Marian Kusi Circle

Senegal - Sokhna Fatou, Customer Experience Mgr

“The local programme gives us the opportunity to share our experiences, but also the chance to help each other in their development and to work together to improve work environment.”

Bangladesh - Shreya Sarkar, Head of Operations

“I consider championing important causes as my responsibility and I would like to deliver on this with my 100% commitment by being a part of RUN to drive organisational objectives.”

Paraguay - Sonia Fleitas, Marketing Manager

“I try to surpass my own limits and strive to achieve my goals. I know the inner struggles that women have to deal with and I believe I can support my peers so they don’t give up easily and keep up with their efforts.”

In 2018, the Dutch Development Bank (FMO) committed to support RUN over the next two years, enabling BIMA to further develop the RUN programme and make an even greater impact on promoting gender diversity and advancing to women's careers.

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