Latin America & the Caribbean Team

Benito Hernandez

Regional Manager Latin America

Benito has responsibility for driving performance and maintaining partnerships within our Latin America Markets.

Benito brings 25 years of experience in the Latin America Telecommunication business supporting Cellular Manufactures, Distributors and MNOs. Prior Joining Bima, Benito has led the commercial organizations for Motorola, Brightstar and Celistics with increasing responsibilities in sales, strategy and business development.

He earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronic degree from Universidad Javeriana, Bogota, Colombia and an Masters in Business Administration from Nova Southeastern University, Plantation, Florida



Prior to joining BIMA, Angela worked in Tigo Honduras (Millicom) Commercial team, developing the mobile internet category through the penetration of smartphones and the accessibility of digital services in the Honduran emerging market. She joined BIMA as the Country Manager for Honduras and since 2017 she started a new role as the Regional Product Manager for the LATAM region.

Angela is responsible for implementing the product strategy to optimally roll out new products and product enhancements in the LATAM region. She also oversees the lifecycle management of our customers.

Juan Esteban Venegas

Regional Business Analyst and Operations Manager LATIN AMERICA

Juan is responsible for improving business and operating metrics in the different Latin American markets by providing and implementing strategies through the analysis of data received from our local partners and BIMAs own information systems.

Prior to joining BIMA, Juan worked for one of Colombia’s biggest call centers for a period of five years where he was responsible for operations with over 600 agents. Juan has broad experience with data analysis and has previously worked in this area as an independent consultant and as part of Amadeus IT Group in Madrid, Spain.

Juan has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Universidad de los Andes in Bogota Colombia and a Master’s degree in International Management from IE Business School in Madrid Spain.

Paraguay Team

Osvaldo Gimenez

Business Development Manager

Osvaldo is responsible for the design and development of new products in Paraguay, as well as initiate new strategic alliances with local financial institutions.

Before joining BIMA, Osvaldo was developer of new corporate business in Mapfre Paraguay where he acquired experience in the insurance market and microinsurance. Also has experience in telecoms companies as Tigo (Millicom group) and Claro (America Movil group) where he acquired experience in corporate business development.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the National University of Asunción and course Business Administration from the Universidad Autónoma de Asuncion.

Limber Britez

Sales Manager

Limber has overall strategic and operational responsibilities for sales in Paraguay.

Limber has over thirteen years of experience in sales, distribution and management of corporate accounts, in areas related to quality of life, health and telecommunications. Before joining BIMA, he was responsible for developing new sales force to technology and communication products, developing procedures commensurate in Paraguay and El Salvador (Central America). Limber was also in charge of the department distribution in the second most important region for Tigo Paraguay. Previous roles include purely commercial functions.

Limber has Commercialization Engineering studies at the School of the North in Asuncion, as specializations in terms of sales management.

Fernando Ayala

Finanace Manager

Fernando is responsible for the efficient administration of financial resources, as well as the preparation of financial statements of the company. He has more than ten years in the profession, working in entities of different leading sectors in the local market, managing and coordinating financial and accounting departments, which has given him extensive experience to face different challenges of any kind. He graduated from the National University of Asunción, receiving the title of Public Accountant. He has also conducted several courses and seminars on financial and legal issues.

Dr. Javier Duque

Chief Medical Officier

Dr. Javier Duque is a Surgeon with a speciality in Cardiology. He studied medicine at the University of Carabobo, Venezuela, his degree in Cardiology was obtained at the Central University of Venezuela during his postgraduate residence at the Military Hospital of Caracas Dr. Carlos Arvelo with training in areas of non-invasive cardiology. He is a certified member of the Paraguayan Society of Cardiology and an associate member of the European Society of Cardiology. Currently he is a Cardiologist in a private practice. He has training in Medical Management and is currently the Medical Manager of the BIMA Paraguay Office since February 2017. Dr. Javier is accredited and legally authorized by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Paraguay.

Sonia Fleitas

Marketing Manager

Sonia is responsible for creating, defining, planning and executing marketing actions in Paraguay. Before joining BIMA, she was managing marketing area of companies with national and international brands in the field of mass consumption of food, beverages and graphic industries where she acquired experience in marketing strategies and sales. She served as manager of business and product development, for foreign investments in Paraguay in the industrial and retail distribution sectors. With a focus on market research, she worked as external consultant for the implementation of investment projects.

Sonia holds a Master's and a degree in Marketing and Advertising from the American University, as well as University Didactics from the National University of Asunción.

Haiti Team

Stanley Deronis

Customer Care Supervisor

Stanley Deronis, is currently Customer Care Supervisor at Milvik Haiti. He joined the staff of Milvik Haiti in June 2015 as a mobile sales agent, in June 2016 he joined the call center of Milvik Haiti as a telemarketer, three months later he is promoted to Call Center agent Team leader. He submitted many projects and action plans for the further development of Milvik Haiti. Despite turbulent times that Milvik Haiti has experienced, he has always been diligent and hardworking in his work, seeking every day new elements of solution to counter the threats and difficult situations that the company was facing. In December 2017, he was promoted to Sales Coordinator. Stanley previously worked as a salesman at FH International, Island Distribution and GB Group. He studied business management at Université d’Etat d’Haiti.

Jacques Skevens Paul

HR Coordinator

Jacques Skevens Paul studied Business Administration at Notre-Dame D'Haiti University and graduated in 2014.
In November 2014, he started at Bima as a Sales Agent. After three months, his supervisor noticed he had great leadership skills and promoted him to Team Leader. In this position, he spent two years during which the performance of his team was always among the best. In the absence of the HR manager and on top of his current duties, Jacques voluntarily demonstrated his management skills again which led him being promoted to HR Coordinator in November 2017.

Honduras Team

Fabiola Banegas

New Business Manager

Fabiola as New Business Manager for Honduras is responsible for the design and development of new products and quality control monitoring. In addition, she is in charge of managing product development with local insurance providers.

Before joining BIMA, Fabiola was a senior underwriter manager for Accident and Health for AIG Central America. She was in charge of product development, financial profitability, risk selection and management and broker management relationships. She managed both Accident, Health and Life insurance for Guatemala and Honduras. She has extensive experience in product development and management and in developing micro insurance programs.

She holds a degree in industrial Engineering from the National University of Honduras and a Master Degree in Project Management from the European University Miguel de Cervantes.

Jorge Reyes

Head of Finance

Jorge is Head of Finance responsible for the planning and organization of everything related to the financial and accounting area, in order to obtain in a timely manner the financial statements and additional reports required by the company. He coordinates and verifies the execution of adequate accounting procedures, ensuring compliance with current fiscal regulations in the country, for a transparent financial, fiscal and legal exercise. He is also responsible for verifying compliance with the company's internal accounting policies. Additionally, he is in charge of the Purchasing Department and prepares and controls budget work related to costs and expenses.

Before joining BIMA, Jorge worked as an Assistant Accountant for 14 years in the company Associated Public Accountants, where he obtained experience in the management of accounting of various types of companies, in addition he gained a lot of experience in areas such as: accounting, finance, auditing, tax and tax laws, municipal laws, planning and preparation of financial budgets and cash flows.

Jorge has a degree in Public Accounting and Finance from the National Autonomous University of Honduras (UNAH).

El Salvador


Mitar Milic

Country Manager

Mitar joined BIMA in 2016 as our Nicaragua Country Manager. Mitar is a microfinance and development finance expert with nine years at an international German-based banking and microfinance group.
Prior to joining BIMA Mitar was the Director of Digital Business Development for Telefonica in Ecuador.  

Mitar has two Master's degrees, in Banking Administration and Responsible Banking (from Germany and Spain), and a post-graduate diploma from Harvard Business School (Disruptive Strategy with Prof. Clayton Christensen). 

Fatima Duriez

Commercial Manager

Fatima joined BIMA Nicaragua in November 2017, and she plays a key role, leading all our commercial operations.

Before BIMA, Fatima worked at Nestrix, a BPO company with very important local accounts and campaigns, where she spent last 8 years, and grew from a Sales Agent, all the way to a Campaign Manager, where she had 130 people on her telemarketing team. She also has strong experience in the financial sector, and especially insurance sales where she managed a bancassurance inside sales team.

Fatima has a BA in Marketing from Universidad Politecnica de Nicaragua.